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dont tell me
The more that I talk to you
The more that I trust you
The more that I love you
The harder it is for me not to tell you

Tell me
My secret
Nobody can know
And I can't let you know
Can't let anybody know
The day that I come too close to telling it
I will cut my tongue out
Drink bleach
I will not speak

You won't
You wouldn't dare
Don't tell me
I won't make you tell me
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 4 13
whats your basis
Why do you care
Because I care
I care about you

What's your basis
A special girl

A dead girl
You're wrong
You're not dead

Why are you so sad
So low

Because I shouldn't be alive
Stop it
Stop it right now
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 3 2
whats 'real'?
Please don't leave me
I won't.
Why do you think I will?

Tell me how I'm different
How I'm special
How you love me

You're more real than them.
You're more real than anyone I know.
I see so much more than them in you.
I like you.
You're different.

What's 'real'
Who's 'them'
What is it that you see inside of me
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 6 0
people like me
Tell me to stop
That it's disgusting
That I'm disgusting
But tell me
That you care about me anyway

I would
Except I don't lie
So I'm sorry
But you're not disgusting

You say that
As if you know
What I am

I think I do
I've known you for a long time
I haven't seen anything wrong
You're perfect

People like me
We hide what we are
Very well

Why should you have to
So that people like you
Who lie to us
Just to get inside
So that people like you
Who we trust
No questions asked
Don't tell the world

That hurts
I haven't given you any reason
Not to trust me

It's repulsive
What I am
I'm repulsive
There is no way
That I would ever tell anyone
What I am
And if someone where to find out
Who I am
What I am
I think I might
Quite literally
Die inside
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 9 16
it wont change
I think
It's best
If you leave

But I don't want to
I like you
I don't want to go
To lose you

I'm not giving you
Much of a choice

Why do you want me to
Why should I

I'd rather have you leave
It hurts much less
Than when I lose you

Well I'm not
I'm not leaving you
I haven't left you yet
Why do you think that will change
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 5 3
what would you do?
What would you do,
If this valentine's day
I drove up to find you?
What would you do,
If when I found you
I grabbed your hand?
What would you do,
If I shove you up against the wall and
I kissed you?
What would you do,
If I told you
I love you?
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 18 14
Something Clever...
Tell me something, clever.
Samuel is clever.
Is she?
Prove it.
I know her.
You don't like her.
No, I do!!
Make up your mind.
Because if you change it every day,
For every person you're around,
I'm never gonna believe what you say.

Yes. I do. I like her.
Then don't say that you don't like her.
If you like someone, you don't talk bad about them.
If you like them, you don't complain about everything that they do.

I keep changing my mind.
But whatever.

If you change your mind about her,
whats stopping you from changing it about me?

Let me know,
When you make up your mind.
Till then... You know where to find me.
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 4 15
I want you. You have me.
I want you...
I'm here

But.. Can I have you...?
You already have me..
You promise?
I don't like to promise.. But yeah, I'm here.
I'm here and I'm staying. You have me.
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 12 9
made me this way
For too long
You lied to me
For too long
You made me
In the
Im walking away
When you ask others
About me
Ask about how
I have changed
Just remember
It was you
Who made me this way
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 12 16
Telling someone
I am going to
Have to
Tell someone
Aren't i?
Would you forgive me?
Could you?

Tell someone what?
About me
About who I am
What I am

Who are you?
Tell me
Tell me
Who you are
Tell me, and I'll forgive you.

Thank you
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 9 10
Fully living
One has not fully
Until they have stood
And made fool of
Until they have
Become an outcast
Until you have made
A stand
About who you are
Until you don't
What others think
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 4 2
Bracelet project
The Bracelet Project.
Each disorder has a color that corresponds to it.
Schizophrenia is Gold
Bipolar/mood disorder is Silver
Anorexia is Red.
Bulimia is Purple.
EDNOS is Pink.
Depression is blue.
Self harm is Orange or Black.
Fasting at the time is Green.
Suicidal is Yellow.
Overweight/Obese is Turquoise.
Anxiety/Panic disorder/OCD is Teal.
Adding 1 white bead means you're trying to recover.
If your bracelet is half of the color that your disease is and half white it means you're in recovery.
You can also make the strand the main disorder you have then add beads to your lesser disorders, or if you have EDNOS, if you have more anorexic or bulimic tendencies then you can add a red or purple bead.
If you see a girl in public wearing one, you are supposed to make eye contact and point to your bracelet. If she nods then you know she is part of the bracelet project.
Spread awareness about the bracelet project.
***Quoted from Tumbler:
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 19 26
Then leave
"Since the first day that you met me, you've been trying to change who I am. Denying who I really am. You've had me in a dream state.."
My voice cracked as I tried to hold myself together.
Facing my love, was the hardest thing I had ever done….
"I acknowledged who you are… but regardless, Lizzie-"
She tried to start.
Tried to excuse herself.
But I wouldn't let her.
She did this.
Words cannot be unsaid….
"THAT'S WHO I AM! I can't change who I am…. Haven't you read my file at all??"
"That's how you can be with whoever is willing to except you being absolutely disgusting. But not with me."
Her voice was cold.
A single tear escaped my face.
I tried to hold myself.
Stop the shaking.
Show her that I don't need her…
She smiled.  
Looked at me and said,
"I will."  
Then she turned, and wal
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 10 52
Not a Doorman
Who holds the key?
How can I get access.
And slowly unlock the door.
Not open it wide.
It takes time to open
The door
How can I get a hold of it.
Where can I go?
What can I do
To show you
I'm not in it to
Hurt you.
To show you
I don't open the door
To the world.
I'm not a doorman.

I don't
Have the key.
Even if I did,
I don't
Have a heart
To give you..
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 7 8
could i trust you?
You asked me,
Who has your key?
What Key?
The key to your heart
I looked away &&&
When I didn't respond,
You asked me

Can I have the key?
But when I still was quiet,
And wouldn't look at you,

Please.. I really want to have it..
The truth is, I no longer hold the key.
I've trusted so many people with it,
Too many.
I don't have it. Don't know where it went.
I've given it to so many people who have
Unlocked my heart
Just to hurt me. I don't have a key to give you.
I'm sorry.
But.. If I did, could I trust you,
To hold it safe?
Close to your heart,
Where no harm could come of it?
Could I trust you,
Not to walk away once I've let you in?
Once you've seen what I am?
I said,

I'm sorry. I can't....
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 26 17
Why do you?
She was never there
Left alone
Always alone
In the dark
I tried to speak about
To explain
How important
Tried to explain
She was
She is
Every aspect
Of her
Is perfect
I tried to
That I care for her
That I love her
But she left
She never stopped
Never looked
Never loved
The way I do

if she was never really there, then why are you holding onto her so strongly?

I need her
I love her
I care for her
So deeply
So purely
So strongly
I couldn't leave her
I just
I couldn't

Even if she refuses to talk to you?

I can't help it
I've latched onto her
I need her
More than I've ever needed

Through what??? What made you latch onto her if she kept ignoring you??

She was there
For me
When I was at my end
She was nice
She was
:iconsparkey38:Sparkey38 15 18


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Hello peoples! i just moved here from Panda-Chii-Chan :iconpanda-chii-chan:


Teddy Bear
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